ACS Northwest Regional Meeting 2016

General Sessions

Analytical/Physical Chemistry: 

Scaling from Atomic to Bulk Processes - Computational, Spectroscopic, and other Techniques for Analyzing Complex Materials

Chairperson: Sarah Hayes, s[dot]hayes[at]alaska[dot]edu


Soren Eustis, Bowdoin College

Loni Kringle

Peter Hsieh

April Carman

Anhong Zhou

Nicole Knight

Capri Price

Katy Hosbein 



Chairperson: Kriya Dunlap, kldunlap[at]alaska[dot]edu


Theresia Schnuur, University of Copenhagen, Denmark 

Arleigh Reynolds

Scott Jerone

Kent Johnson

Gwendolyn Moise

Liliya Vugmeyster 


Chemical Education 

Chairperson: Frank J. Creegan, fcreegan2[at]washcoll[dot]edu 

  Abstract: The goal of this session is the bring together practitioners and a variety of pedagogies designed to increase student engagement in the chemistry classroom and laboratory from across the curriculum, from high school to the university level.


Richard Nafshun

Seth Anthony

Ted Pappenfus

Frank Creegan

Michael Cristiansen 

Environmental Chemistry

Chairperson: Patrick Tomco, pltomco[at]uaa[dot]alaska[dot]edu


William Simpson

Aaron Dotson

Akila Karunanayake

Ian Schacht

Steven Seefeldt

David Koppenaal


Geochemistry: High-Latitude Earth-Water Systems 

This session encourages abstracts on Geochemistry, in particular topics tied to Arctic systems such as permafrost biogeochemistry, cold-tolerant microbes and other extremophiles, biological activity associated with glaciers and ice, arctic mining geochemistry and the geochemistry of arctic lakes, streams, and oceans.

Chairperson: Kendra Zamzow, kzamzow[at]gmail[dot]com


 John Crusius, USGS, Seattle WA

Melissa Rhodes-Reese

Birgit Hagedorn

Jeffrey Hall 


 Inorganic Chemistry

Chairperson: Brian Rasley, btrasley[at]alaska[dot]edu


James Wynn

Travis Grimes

Abhijeet Karkamkar

Liliya Vugmeyster 


Organic Chemistry

Chairperson: Mark McCoy


Arturo Orellana

Metin Balci

Jozef Stec

Edward Valente

Orion Berryman

Nicholas Natale

Ana Koperniku